Under Review

Crop Tool Needed

mikebrindle 1 year ago in Editor • updated by Moonfruit 12 months ago 1

Could you please add a crop tool to the editor. having to crop images in photoshop before uploading. The Image fill tool is not suitable and is tricky to resize.

Future consideration

Quantity of products in shop check out - drop down selection option?

lampshady 1 year ago in Editor • updated by Moonfruit 1 year ago 1

In my webshop I have had until now one of each item (all handmade or vintage lampshades) but now I am making pairs of shades and cushions or more of one. The problem is that when a customer goes to the basket to pay, they have to manually put in how many they would like. It seems a bit amateurish, and therefore please may we have the option to place a drop down arrow so they can select the quantity? Here's hoping!

Future consideration

Allow Moonfruit users to share their tips and offer advice /discussion like we could before

mamababy 1 year ago in Editor • updated by Moonfruit 1 year ago 1


I think its an absolute shame that Moonfruits new forum version only allows users to request features to Moonfruit and not have the ability to discuss options/ideas/hints and tips with other Moonfruit users, there are many solutions to some of the problems /requested features that I am reading and as a freelance website designer specializing in Moonfruit site builds and redesigns, I used to be able to give much needed support and help to other members.

My request is that you bring back the old style forum not just have one that is just for requests and features, as its impossible now to voice anything, and most of the requests and features asked for have been outstanding for years.

Many thanks


moonfruiterredesigns . co . uk

Not planned

Ability to add tables/lists

lest44 1 year ago in Editor • updated by seekandfindit 2 months ago 6

The old flash site had the ability to use tables, which has gone since HTML5 came in. Its not required to build a page layout as that is considered the old way of doing things, but to display the likes of spreadsheet data such as lists etc would be great. Currently having to link out to One drive or similar but this takes a while to load which is not satisfactory for my website.

Future consideration

Google Adsense

adrianenglish 1 year ago in Editor • updated by jenahoneysnow 2 weeks ago 7

Would be great if you added google adsense


Video Backgrounds

Moonfruit 1 year ago in Editor • updated by x8websolutions-block1 10 months ago 8

Bring your site to life by adding a video background.


CAPTCHA for Contact Page

paperkisses 9 months ago in Editor 1

Would it be possible to have a CAPTCHA type code (just like on this submission page!) added, so that it could be included on my website contact page?

I'd like to do all that I can to hide my contact email address from spammers, so that I only get legitimate enquiries and avoid my email contact details being picked up by spambots.

Under Review

Batch use of images

nevillechadwick 11 months ago in Editor • updated by cardiffgareth 4 weeks ago 2

As a photographer I upload and use many images. Having uploaded the images, I have to click on each image to use them in a gallery, this could be 200 to 300 images sometimes, then if I want a caption, I have to activate it on each image, that's 200 to 300 clicks again. Please, please make this a batch process. Also there are very limited gallery options.

Under Review

Shop subcategories and thumbnails

emmacullen79 12 months ago in Editor • updated by Moonfruit 12 months ago 1

It would be great to have subcategories rather than a full list of products coming up when customers click through into the shop.

Under Review


rafwitchfordandmepal 12 months ago in Editor • updated by mcmoonfruit1 12 months ago 4

Could we have a genuine 'Help' facility. One which can be contacted by email.


Ability to hide the header & footer from specific pages

Moonfruit 10 months ago in Responsive pages (beta) • updated by daverthal1 6 days ago 19

Let us know if you think this is an important option to have.

responsive pages
In Progress

Responsive Shop Function

x8websolutions-block1 10 months ago in Responsive pages (beta) • updated by Moonfruit 6 days ago 35

Any idea when we will be able to have a responsive shop page?


shop responsive pages
Not planned

background for buttons, spacers, dividers

daverthal1 2 weeks ago in Responsive pages (beta) • updated by Moonfruit 6 days ago 1

It would be good if these items had background options similar to text. If I have a section that has a photo background, I sometimes need all elements to have a colored background so they are readable. As an example, I might have text, button, spacer, then text. As of now, only text can have a background, so there is no continuity on the page when I have backgrounds for the text but not the button or spacer.