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husseinkefel 1 year ago in Editor • updated by Moonfruit 5 months ago 1

Hello! I'm still wondering why moonfruit are not making new web templates for so long now. Can you please forward my message to the concerned department requesting new modern web templates with full length photo slider on home page please. Thank you

Future consideration
poppitsjewellery 12 months ago in Editor • updated by jgd100000 6 months ago 5

I love this website and how it works however making more sub options would be brilliant! Giving my buyers the chance to choose colours, sizes, finishes a lot easier.

Future consideration
dreadfullygood 9 months ago in Editor • updated by ghanasites 2 days ago 11

I really like Moonfruit! It's nice editing my site and I like the lay-outs.

I'm just not so happy that you can only pay at the shop page with PayPal!

A lot of my customers don't have PayPal, and PayPal takes a lot of money for every payment... I don't want PayPal, but i paid for my webshop so i don't want to delete it either... But i'm not sure if i'll stay for next year. Big change I'll search for another webshite builder, that does has other choises for paying on a webshop.

Future consideration
paddy1985 10 months ago in Editor • updated by Moonfruit 10 months ago 2

I would love a search facility to the shop so people can find something easily

thank you

derwayne 10 months ago in Editor • updated by Moonfruit 2 weeks ago 21

How do I upload my SSL to my site?

Future consideration
dreamerwins 11 months ago in Editor • updated by starcabaret 6 months ago 6

It used to be so easy to add a counter for people like me who have no idea how to find a suitable counter, and upload it to our site, but with the new sites they are not available. I use moonfruit because i dont have to worry about knowing the technical stuff. Providing visible counters again would be so helpful.

Future consideration
Moonfruit 1 year ago in Editor • updated by seekandfindit 5 days ago 9

Login to edit your site from your mobile or tablet.

Future consideration
Moonfruit 1 year ago in Editor • updated 6 months ago 2

Allow a user to set up a user account for a website.

Option for social log ins, customisable sign up forms and site owner/admin permissions to manage users.

Under Review
coastalcreative 12 months ago in Editor • updated by brianjos 9 months ago 4

Ever since Moonfruit joined the world with V6, I have requested that we have the facility to allow members admin rights in order that they can update certain pages if not the whole site?

Has this happened yet? I'm not sure if I've missed an update but if I haven't this feature is long overdue and an important one.

Future consideration
pistoriusbrett 11 months ago in Editor • updated by busimeprint 10 months ago 2

With the rise in more popular blogging templates and platforms, i shoul think that moonfruit need to very much considder a tidy up of their blogging feature.

with a quick look at wp and joomla templates, moonfruit seems so out of date, and out of touch.

There's no archive section headings, past links to posts, and it's all still a script roll which you need to page click through to read each one, with no short cuts.

Please moonfruit, take a look at the competition,try and align your self with them, and then push harder to over take. Make it tidy, functional and 21st century worthy