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How do I upload my SSL to my site?

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Future consideration

This isn't possible at the moment. I have changed the status of this to future consideration, as it may be something we add if there is demand for it. Thanks

I have just read this feed as I was also extremely surprised to just discover moonfruit don't offer the https. As a technomuppet  I just maybe wrongly assumed a company such as  yours would? That's the whole reason i set up with you in the first place because i wanted people to feel confident and secure in viewing my website . As others have stated it makes no difference whether money is being transferred or not, the https makes people feel more secure and likely to check out a site more, it also makes a site more professional, it looks rather slack and amateurish to not have an https , .  When i googled my site posing as a  customer/viewer , google warned me that it wasn't a secure site and to be careful, not to give out any sensitive info to the site or any details as I  could get hacked ETC..really not what anyone wants to see? Unless i already knew about/of  the site It would make me very wary  about checking it out. Which obviously people are going to think about mine?  Majorly disappointed :( 

Update on this: As we don't take any sensitive information over our server (for example payment details) we don't have an option to add an SSL certificate to your site. At the moment, we are also not able to support this feature due to our bespoke hosting environment. If you are selling products, the payment stage will be held on the 3rd parties’ server who are taking the payment and they should have SSL enabled.

If this changes, we will update this post to notify you. Thanks.


In response to what moonfruit said, I have seen in my everyday work how important an SSL certificate can be on a website even when the payment process is on paypal, worldpay, sagepay etc etc. It just gives (potential) customers reassurance. Prior to the furniture company that I work for getting an SSL certificate, a lot of customers would phone up asking if the site was secure or not as they were concerned about making a payment and although we would reassure them, think about how many people might potentially just walk away from the website and not purchase. Because the potential customer couldn't see that the website was secure, they never even got to the checkout/payment page which was of course secure.

I know you said that you can't add/support the feature of SSL certificates at the moment but I just wanted to give you an example that might make you think about revisiting it in future (hopefully). After all, Gandi can provide SSL certificates so perhaps it's not completely out of the realms of possibility.


I get your point about not taking any sensitive information over your server, but it's not a great look for any potential customer to see that they're not on a secure site regardless of how payment is made. I know I'd think twice about buying from a site that didn't have SSL/https. Disappointing.


Both of your points are valid! Thanks for giving us more contextual feedback on this. I'll raise these points to see if there is anything we could consider doing to try and help.

Well thank you for listening to our feedback and considering what we said :)


Just to add further if moonfruit could kindly consider adding the option of SSL, i was told it does not affect the site rankings, however i have had first hand experience and past experience of cross testing to proove that yes ssl hugely effects the site rankings....Therefore kindly if this option could be enabled it would be really great!!


I've used moonfruit for several years now and my two previous websites were built to help work colleagues have an online presence to attract more custom (local hairdressers). They were a great success and fulfilled their purpose and as I knew the layout already I decided to go with Moonfruit for the website I'll be using for myself. Lack of SSL was not a problem previously and not even a consideration as no sales were through the websites but I feel this will be a problem for me as I will be selling online and could be off putting for any potential customers, especially as a new business.


I am now being penalised by Google for not having an SSL certificate on my Moonfruit site please advise if this is to be rectified and timeframe as this will definitely be a reason for me to leave


Demand for it? Almost a year ago Google announced that their Chrome browser will display a lock overlaid with a red X in the address bar for ALL pages that do not have a correct HTTPS setup in the near future. Your website will look broken in the eyes of your visitors. Mozilla will likely adopt a similar policy in Firefox. The reason we need to care is BECAUSE GOOGLE SAYS SO. Having a secure site has also become a ranking signal...albeit a small one for now, but things are moving this way. For those of us that work diligently on rankings, this is only going to become more and more important. Don't wait until our sites look dangerous, "not secure" or our ratings start to drop to start working on what IS going to be needed. Lets have Moonfruit ahead of the curve this time instead of those of us that have chosen to use this platform lagging like a redheaded step-child.

SSL certificates are coming, they will be needed for anyone seriously running a competitive website. Please start working on or plan to work on a way for them to be implemented, or let us know that you have no intention now so those of us that are serious can start looking for alternatives.


Well said hammerhead69. I am already looking for alternatives, for this very reason.


I'm almost finished building an alternative website elsewhere. Which one I end up going ahead with depends on how fast SSL will be offered as the alternative has this already.


We are currently in the process of changing domain providers to offer domain owners more options and control over their domain names/mailboxes. Once that is complete, we should be able to look into the SSL certificate plans some more. I'll update this thread again when I can.


Hi all, we're aware of the changes Google have begun making, and I'm pleased to say that we do have intentions of offering an option to have an SSL certificate. We need to investigate this further but we have changed the status of this request to planned.

I will update this thread when we have more news to offer about this. Thanks for your comments.


Ok everyone on this thread. If you are serious about having a website that is current and can handle technological changes and shifts then MOONFRUIT is NOT for you. Moonfruit is, and always has been WAY behind all of its competitors for quite some time now. I have been a customer for years now and all they ever seem to focus on is changing their own website almost every year and leading people on. Even if the WAS on their "to do" list by the time they fix the issue it will be too late and something else will need to change to make it work. Let me be clear, If you are SERIOUS about your website having all the bells and whistles you need, then MOONFRUIT is NOT for you. I HIGHLY suggest you move your business elsewhere now to save time and angush. I only require pages that provide information and a way to contact me so Moonfruit fits me just fine FOR NOW!

Hi, I can definitely understand why you may feel this way and felt the need to comment. We know that in the past we were slow to release features. We have recently restructured and the company is very different to what it was before. We have a lot of new faces here, and our focus is on listening to what our customers want and ensuring we release regularly to keep enhancing our product. We are already confident in how far we have come and we are now releasing new features most weeks. You can keep an eye on what we are releasing in the announcements area of our help centre.

We want you to keep telling us what you would like to see and whilst we can't promise we will be able to implement the things you ask for immediately (or at all in some cases), we can promise your ideas will be discussed with the team and considered.
If you're interested in any other features in particular, please search the forum and post about it if a thread doesn't already exist and we'll be happy to discuss anything further.

Many thanks,


Firefox has started giving a message when people sign in on the member page to our website saying that the login is insecure: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/insecure-password-warning-firefox. As several of my users are not particularly tech-savvy, this is sure to cause them contsternation. I had a helpful conversation with one of your advisors yesterday who suggested that I post this information here.

Hi Moonfruit - any updates on when SSL certificates will be possible? Or what about using something like 'Let's Encrypt' service: https://community.letsencrypt.org/t/web-hosting-who-support-lets-encrypt/6920. This really will bring MoonFruit back up to date and a serious competitor in build-your-own websites. It is worrying to think that people may be loosing business because potential customers are being told that websites 'are unsecure'. Please MoonFruit make this a priority!

Many thanks!!!!!!!

Without the SSL certificate many people including myself cannot access my website and I cannot open my email as many companies won't allow access to a website without a SSL certificate. My own site has become useless to me !!

Hello Moonfruit,

Any news on the SSL certificate?  It is afftecting business and we would prefer not to move our account.  Pplease keep us informed, your last post on this thread was 6 months ago.

We are currently migrating our systems infrastructure so that we are able to offer SSL certificates in the future. We currently estimate this migration to be completed in April. It may be that we are able to complete this sooner, however, we'd prefer for you to be aware of the potential time-frame. We do understand the importance of giving your site visitors peace of mind when they browse your site and we are working hard to complete this work as soon as we can. I want to reassure you that there is a lot of work going on in the background to allow us to improve the services we are providing our customers.

I'm raising your concerns again with our team here to see if there is anything else we can do to speed this up. Thank you.

For me this has been far too long in happening. I can appreciate how much work goes on behind the scenes to make changes but I think I made a sound choice to choose another website builder 6 months ago. I launched my business in April '17 and as anyone knows, it takes time to build up an online presence and customer base. It can be a slow process with lots of factors to consider when it comes to self promotion and marketing. What I didn't need was to wonder if lack of SSL was one of those factors, so I'm glad I went elsewhere as I believe sticking with Moonfruit would have been an issue for any new site visitors and it certainly was an issue for me. There's no doubt if SSL had been available, I wouldn't have left. 

OK what I dont understand is that you guys are dragging your feet with the SSL certificate for us who build customer sites, BUT the www.MoonFruit.com site has the SSL cert. So why cant it be offered to us? Im confused. Its obviously on your servers. This is a BIG DEAL. 

Hello - April 2018 is an extremely long time to wait bearing in mind Google has already started to implement its not secure notifications - I will need to move my site if a solution cannot be found sooner


Any News on this? Google are making changes to their search in 2 days (27th October 2017) and sites will all show a label as NON-SECURE....

This is rather urgent.

Come on Moonfruit. You owe your paying customers an answer!


Hi all, We are on schedule to offer SSL certificates by the beginning of next year - potentially earlier than April as mentioned previously.

It really is inconceivable how you have not made the SSL available by now. It's a big concern to all website owners that use Moonfruit as when Google makes SSL mandatory as they are expected to do any time now we are all going to go down the drain in our ranking on the search engine. It's going to be a disaster when this happens. Please give the option already!!! Thank you.