Future consideration
pistoriusbrett 11 months ago in Editor • updated by busimeprint 10 months ago 2

With the rise in more popular blogging templates and platforms, i shoul think that moonfruit need to very much considder a tidy up of their blogging feature.

with a quick look at wp and joomla templates, moonfruit seems so out of date, and out of touch.

There's no archive section headings, past links to posts, and it's all still a script roll which you need to page click through to read each one, with no short cuts.

Please moonfruit, take a look at the competition,try and align your self with them, and then push harder to over take. Make it tidy, functional and 21st century worthy

Future consideration

Just to add, I enquired about this to your technical support and they said to raise as feedback. My issue with this specifically is that my clients are coming onto my blog, they can see the title and the description, but that's it. I want them to be able to comment and engage, but the technician said this is just a feed of my blogs. To me a feed is a few lines of each blog, with clear direction where to read more or comment. But, what you see if the full post, which my customers read and that's it. This is very important so we can continue to engage with our customers.

Thank you.