Future consideration
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I really like Moonfruit! It's nice editing my site and I like the lay-outs.

I'm just not so happy that you can only pay at the shop page with PayPal!

A lot of my customers don't have PayPal, and PayPal takes a lot of money for every payment... I don't want PayPal, but i paid for my webshop so i don't want to delete it either... But i'm not sure if i'll stay for next year. Big change I'll search for another webshite builder, that does has other choises for paying on a webshop.


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Future consideration

I hadn't realised that Moonfruit only uses PayPal. If I had I would have used another site.

please add Barclaycard rather than paypal. Paypal's payment charges put customers off.

I'm having the same issue here. On top of that the currency I use, id est Php (Philippine Peso), is not on the list. I asked before if this could be added but I got no straight answer at all. On the new website that I'm working on via moonfruit I have to redirect the shop to another platform.


Please please add other payment gateways, feedback from my customers is they don't like paypal. I use stripe for taking bookings on my page, it's fast secure and way cheaper for me than PayPal.


Pay on account or pay later options to complete the basket so we can bill them via sage instead


YES PLEASE! Add pay with credit card/debit card options. chot It's actually where many of my prospective customers stop their purchase. I get a lot of abandoned orders because of this :-/

Yes, please add more payments options, Clients from other countries complain they can't buy my products !