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We are planning on moving onto this very soon. What are the main things you would like to be able to tweak/edit for the mobile view?


How soon is soon as this comment was from 5 months ago. The format is so ugly and outdated that I have switched it off. Things that were supposed to be out of view were still showing up.

You can give us multiple templates for the classic view and not even one other format in mobile view - that's crazy.  Pull your finger out Moonfruit! Give us background editing options, fonts, placement of text boxes etc. Let's evolve the dinosaur please!

Hi, can you please confirm if you are personally referring to the mobile view for responsive pages or for the v6 sites? This particular post relates to responsive pages but I noticed your site is v6. Thanks


I've noticed that video backgrounds don't load on mobiles (which its great, as it means faster loading and no data sucking). However, it would be great if we could pick a "fall back" image, that is used as the background when a video cannot be used. I've managed to do this (by accident!), but it would be great as a defined function.

Also, when I first started to play with the editor, I noticed that video backgrounds would run. on desktops and tablets, but not on mobiles/certain mini tablets. In the last week or so however, the videos have stopped autoplaying, and now display the youtube "play" icon on tablets. Can this be repaired asap please?

Thanks! Editor is really coming on leaps and bounds and your hardwork is much appreciated!