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Add pages to your site which will automatically resize your content to enable easy viewing on all devices.

If you have suggestions for improvements/features we can add to the responsive editor, please post these as a comment below.

editor responsive pages

Can you please add "drop shadow" option for text style? This is very useful when we use text on picture.

Concepsys (a few entries up) has 2 images side by side in one column

Can you please tejj me how to I achieve this?

I dont understand what you mean.Maybe you are mentionig a 4 column layout with 4 images side by side?.


Is it possible to add columns within a section? I can easily remove them, but have so far needed to start the section again from a suitable template, to go back o a format with additional columns. Otherwise Iam getting the hang of it and loving the look and features...

Not at the moment, you'd have to go back and choose another section as you mentioned. I will raise this, though! It is a good point :)

Thanks for the reply. Another quick follow-up:

What about being able to add a logo to the Navbar, instead of just typing a brand name?


That is being worked on right now so this will be available soon! We are going to be working on nav bar improvements and this is the first chunk of that.

Can a footer or navbar now be implemented across the site without manually having to do for each page. Sorry if it was and I missed this. : )

Great work guys and gals!!!!!

Not just yet! But we are hopefully a few days away from releasing our header/footer sections. Anything you add to these areas will be visible on every page, so this should achieve what you are after!

Probably too late to ask for this but, it would be perfect if we could do more then one header and footer.

We have situations where we would have the same header for all general pages and a different header for all detail pages. Another example: we would have a French Header for all french website pages and an english header for all english pages.

Ideally we would create a header section that would become available as a costumized header/footer in the header/footers menu. Then we would just have to place that header reference in every page we wanted it to be. The same for footers. We would then just change its content selecting it directly from the menu and it would change in all pages where it was referenced.

Header & footer has been released now. You should see these automatically at the top and bottom of your responsive page: http://help.moonfruit.com/responsive-pages-beta/guides/adding-a-header-or-footer

Thank you. Good effort, but I'm afraid I'll have to stand with my previous email.

Only in a very simple and small website this email/header functions works.

In my case having two different headers (regular and detail pages) and two different languages, I'll still have to copy the same header and footer pages has a regular section all over the website.

The problem is that now these sections automatic header footer sections become a bit anoying when you are not using them. Maybe you could create a check button somewhere to have them disapear?

On the goal side, I'd say creating a copy/paste function for sections and rows accross different pages, is the most urgent next function. This would allow to have similar sections in different pages without havingo to redo everything over and over again, and to copy each of the costumized headers and footers very quickly.

Maybe there's no need to hide the general header footer fields, but everything seems a bit slower after this last update. Had to move to a more powerfull computer...

Blog would be awesome soon still. Sorry to be a fiddle but it is the only page I need lol

I've got a small section containing my phone number and email address. I want to make the email address a link so it opens the mail app when someone clicks on it. Unfortunately because it's a small section the options are being obscured.

We released some changes on Friday: http://help.moonfruit.com/announcements/responsive-pages/release-021216
This includes our new header & footer areas and a couple of improvements to the file manager.

Happy Monday!

Asked this question two weeks ago and had no response...Is there a way to save the hex codes for custom font colours? At the moment I have to enter it each time - I can't see a way to delete the default custom colours and replace them.

This isn't possible at the moment but we are looking to replace the current colour picker soon and this will be one of the features in our requirements list!


Hi Moonfruit I like the new header and footer sections, but there is one slight problem with it. I like the way that whatever you add is then shown on all pages, but if you change your mind on one page and delete say the header, it then deletes it from all the pages! Please can you fix this so that you can delete it from a page and not have it affect all the other pages. This is important if you have an enter page, but don't want a navigation bar shown on that page, if it has been put in the header section.

I know this question has been asked before and I thought it would be addressed with new header functionality but can't see how to do it ....I want a logo in the header area. At the moment all I can do is add as background.

Hi, you can do this by uploading your logo to your file manager and then adding it to the header area as an image. We are also working on being able to upload a logo to the navbar at the moment, so this option should be available soon.

I want the logo in the nav bar rather than as a separate element - how long until the option is released?

That feature is being worked on right now but there are a few tweaks that need to be made to it, so we think it should take around 2 weeks.


Is this available yet?

Our dev team are still working on adding a logo for the responsive navbar at the moment. We have faced a bit of a delay with the planned navbar work unfortunately, but we are making progress with this again now. Most of the logo work is done but there is some work with adding navbar sub-pages that needs to be done. I'll be getting another update on this within the next week, so I will give you more of a specific estimated time as soon as I can. We are eager to get this out too!

Hi any update on the logo in the nav bar, this is obviously a key element to any website. great stuff and good work. Also Social media links would be great, I see there is a Facebook one on the Icons, can you also add Instagram and allow the two logos to be next to each and not only one per section?

It is indeed a key element! We are pushing hard to get the improved navbar out. We are very close to being able to release that. We will be working on being able to add elements alongside each other in a column (such as icons). This has been started yet but I have created a request which you can vote for to follow its progress. Whilst we don't have the Instagram icon at the moment, we do have similar ones you could use for now.

Hope that helps.

Just a follow up to my request from yesterday about taking off the header and footer section from certain pages without it being deleted from all pages. Can we have it as it is in the V6, where we can hide the header and footer? This will make things a lot easier. Apart from this problem, the header and footer sections work really well.


I have noted this as feedback, so we will take this on board when we come to make improvements to the header & footer feature :)

We have just released a few small bug fixes.

One of these fixes was for the black and white hover filter for images. If you are using this filter, you may need to delete the image from your page and re-add it if you find the effect is not working correctly.

Any questions, please chat to our support team!
Thanks :)

Any chance of enabling PDF downloads soon?

I have a web site built, ready to go, (and ready to invoice!) but it needs to have links to allow visitors to simply download a PDF. I'd really, really appreciate this facility becoming live - especially as it is a basic and essential web page function, not just window dressing.

Thank you Moonfruit!

We hope to be able to add this in the new year - it is on our list. Really sorry that you are waiting on this! We appreciate your patience whilst we work to add more functionality to the pages!


first off love the new editor! However is there any idea when we will be able to access the "admin" tab which is currently blanked out? In particular, for adding and setting up extra domains. I use subdomains with clients while the site is getting built, which I cant set up through the normal domain tab.

Look forward to hearing from you!


Hi, as responsive pages is still in beta, not all areas of the editor are available from the responsive editor at the moment. If you still have old style pages, go to one of those and the Admin tab will be clickable. If you only have responsive pages, click the small button highlighted in red in the screenshot below to access the other editor and click Admin.

Hi, you should still be able to access the Admin tab. Although this can't be done from a responsive page, you can click on a small icon (on the left hand side of your responsive page) to return to the normal toolbar and click 'Admin'.

Hi, the admin tab should now be accessible directly via responsive pages. Hope that helps :)

Hi there, will it be possible soon to have a border on the buttons please? I would like to have transparent buttons with a border, but it doesn't seem to be possible at the moment. Also, will it ever be possible to have full width sections that can be like a slider, with the ability to click left or right to change the image? Thanks.

We also really want both of those things! They are on our list so we will get around to adding these. In the new year we will be able to give you a better idea of what features we are prioritising and when you can expect these things. Thanks.

Titles with "&" show as "&" this seems to happen when we add links to them.

Hi, I just tried replicating this and couldn't. Are you adding a link to the whole title text or is it something else?

Yes it is a link to the whole title text. please look at this page at http://www.concepsys.pt/portuguese-architects-about-us/4593411111


Is there any idea for when drop down menus/ sub pages will be enabled on responsive?



Our dev team are working on sub-pages for the responsive navbar at the moment. We have faced a bit of a delay with the planned navbar work unfortunately, but we are making progress with this again now. I'll be getting another update on this within the next week, so I will give you more of a specific estimated time as soon as I can. We are eager to get this out too!

I'm waiting on this too. Was told yesterday that it would be May before responsive fully released which is disappointing.

Hi there, can I ask where you got this date from? We are still working on building some of the functionality we need before we can move responsive pages out of beta, however, we do believe this will happen within the first half of 2017.

We are improving the editor every week and whilst the pages may still be in beta for a few months, the functionality will continue to progress continually. Is there something in particular you are waiting for that we aren't offering just yet? Thanks :)

One of your team when I used the online chat facility to request help! The two things I"m waiting on are drop down menus in nav bar and ability to have logo in nav bar. Have just seen your response to someone else re nav bar work so I hope it won't be too much longer.

Yep, the 2nd version of the navbar is almost ready. We will still have more work to do after we release it, in order to give you more customisation options etc. We have to do a lot of the feature enhancements in batches of work so we can get things out to you quicker and so we can get feedback before we make more improvements.

I am hoping to at least give you a preview of the state of the navbar so you can see its current state. I'll try and post that tomorrow.

The navbar enhancement work (including sub-pages) is currently being tested. We have found a few issues which our dev team will fix but we are getting closer to being able to release this. I will continue to update you when I have some extra news.


I've been making a new responsive page website. So far so good. I'm liking it a lot. I cannot however figure out how to have drop down menu on the nav bar. Is that possible yet? If so point me in the right direction. Thanks.

Hi, this isn't available yet but we are working on the ability to have sub-pages for the navbar now. I should be able to give you more information soon.

Hi Moonfruit,

Please can you give an estimated timeline for when the header/footer can be removed from certain pages, but still on others, and when we will be able to take the arrows off the slideshows. I have a website ready to launch with the responsive editor, but until these two features have been looked at, I can't launch, Thanks.

Hi, yesterday we posted about how you can now remove the arrows from slideshows (as well as a few other enhancements to slideshows): http://help.moonfruit.com/announcements/responsive-pages/release-240117

Regarding the header/footer, we are are planning on being able to allow this, but we are not working on it just yet. I understand your point about having a splash/landing page where you don't want the header section to show and I'm sorry if this is delaying you. I have created a separate feature request for this which you can follow to monitor updates. We will monitor how many people request this and in turn we may bump the priority of it.

For now, you could have your splash or entry page as a regular page rather than as a responsive one, then when people enter into the main site it will be the responsive version. I know this isn't ideal, but perhaps it could help you launch your site quicker. Thanks

We released a change today, we've partnered with Lobster images so you can easily add authentic imagery to your site. This is available exclusively for responsive pages. Here is our blog post about how this could help your site stand out online.

I have also added a new area for responsive pages feedback as this feedback thread has received so many comments. It will be easier to review and update specific requests now. If you have any more feedback, please add it there.


On Friday we released some more link options for buttons, images and icons. These are not yet available for text links, but this will be coming soon. We are also working on the ability to add a PDF download link now. You can follow the progress of this specific feature here.

Excellent, thank you! Linking to page title rather than having to copy and paste url's is so cool. Eagerly awaiting the PDF link now - all I need to finish my first responsive site :)

Is there a way of making .png images actually without a background on it, at present it will appear with a square on it, even if you make it white to suit a background image still will not work. I am trying to out our logo with no background on it onto a background image, but it appears in a square? (hope that makes sense LOL)


Today we released some enhancements to our gallery & slideshow feature. You can read about this here. :)

Hello, I have reported this problem before, but it hasn't been addressed so far.

I didn't insist because I thought it could be caused by some html snippet. So, I created a new clean website just to test it and, in fact, the text blocks are always being pushed to the left, inside columns. They look fine when they are Auto or 100% but, as soon as you give it a width lower then 100% their block will move to the left side instead of becoming thiner but keep centered inside column.

Please look at the tests below.

you can access it below: http://apagar.moonfruit.com/#/responsive-page-beta/4593546060

You can test and change whatever you like. I created this website just to ilustrate this problem and it will delete it as soon as it is corrected.

The titles mention the configuration of the texts below them.

As you can see, the smaller texts are always pushed against the left margins inside their columns.

They should be centered in relation to the column. You will understand what I am saying as soon as you select each of these text blocks.

Hi, yep we are aware of this one. I'm hoping a developer will be able to look at this issue in the next week or two. It's a niggly one which I know is annoying. In the meantime, I may be able to help you workaround the issue if possible. Can you provide me with a specific example of a text layout you are wanting on a like on a page on your site and I can see if I can do anything to help until we have a fix?


Thank you.

There are many situations where I'd like to have a thiner column of text, so I will have to wait for this problem to be solved and then change the whole website design.

Just a quick note, it depends on your site design, but a workaround to have thinner blocks of text could be to add more columns and put the text in the middle columns so that the width is less. Like so:

In preview mode the blank columns won't appear. (You may have already been doing this, so apologies if I'm advising of things you already know about!).

A fix for this is almost ready to be released!


We have just released a new scroll effect - Fixed background images.

To add this, select a section which has an image background> change scroll effect to 'Fixed'. Quick preview here: Recording #28.mp4

Have a great weekend :)


This seems great! I had requested that! Thanks.

The new interface seems not to recognize most of my html text blocks.

I select them but nothing happens in the menu... I am now unable to edit my website... :(

Our QA team are checking this now for you. Thanks for raising this.

This was being caused by you including 'justify alignment' in your HTML snippet code (our updated responsive editor did not support this). We have released a fix for this, so if you refresh your page or clear your cache, you should be able to edit the snippets again now.

Hope that helps!

I am having a lot of problems with this new interface side menu.

Mostly it doesnt work correctly. Sometimes it freezes. it doesnt recognize my APP html texts...

IMHO it would have been betterif you guys had fully implemented all responsive pages functionalities (and there are still many to do) before changing all this...

Even the help buttons disapeared. Not easy to contribute now.


I really do have to agree with concepsys, why have you changed the interface when there is so much that needs to be done. You are always saying that you will get round to adding the features that WE want, but really is the new interface that important at this stage? A bit of honestly as to how you determine what order you do things would be greatly appreciated, as a new interface from what I can see isn't the main thing your PAYING customers were asking for. Sort this out Moonfruit!


I'm sure there was good logic behind this. Personally as the new features are added (and they're coming thick and fast), I appreciate the chance to get used to where they are filed under in an ergonomic manner, rather than to have the entire interface become a bit of a mess and then change. Work smarter not harder and all that! :)

Hi, thanks to both of you for your feedback.

We are constantly working on new responsive features and that is definitely our priority. We have updated the editor interface with the aim of making it more user friendly - this was a very quick change and we hope it will help others get used to using responsive pages. There will be some more updates to the interface soon to complete this work but we should be able to release more new features this week also. This will include some highly requested features, such as linking to a PDF file and the ability to upload multiple images to the file manager at once.

@wmukadmin - we are listening to feedback and we have moved the priority of the header/footer improvement work based on yours. We plan on improving the mobile view before the header & footer changes but I will keep you updated on this via the dedicated thread.

In regard to the help button, each element has a '?' button that you can click on to go to the relevant help centre article. Did you prefer the feedback option being available in the editor too? We


Yesterday we released another scroll effect (zoom in/out). You can apply this effect to image backgrounds for sections. At the moment, the scroll effects are for desktop only and won't apply on mobile devices. You'll need to click 'View my site' to see the zoom effect working.

We also released some updates to the file manager. You can now:
  • upload multiple images at a time
  • drag and drop files onto the upload button to upload

We will also now display error message feedback for failed uploads (e.g.if you try and upload images that are too large).

More info here!


Just to let you guys know that in the responsive editor, the right hand scroll has vanished while in editor mode. So I am unable to scroll a page to edit. Please can you look at this asap, as nothing can be done until this is fixed.


Hi, could you please speak to our support team about this? I can't see the issue you are referring to but if you could send a screenshot to them, they should be able to assist you. You can chat to them using the chat service on our help centre. Thanks

I have found a fix for it, and that is to click on preview and then back into edit, and the scroll reappears.

Yep, same thing here. The vertical page scroll does not load automatically now. As wmuk says, you have to click on preview and then edit to get the scroll bar to load (both chrome and firefox). (Thx for that tip by the way wmuk, appreciated).

I also get this, I think its slow to load, if you click the top right hand arrow to hide the editor options and then click it again to show the options back again the scroll tends to come back again, (just my own experience here though)

Thanks for pointing this out. We released a fix for this yesterday!

Hi all, loving the way the responsive pages looks, now I have figured out how to do the majority of it, see below feedback and some issues I am experiencing, thanks for any help, apologies if Im duplicating anything above:

On the mobile version, one of our pages "About Us" (www.homelypetz.com) does not link to the about us page, but on tabloid and laptop it does (??)

The "Jump to Top" arrows that I have put on the site on each section (the landing page being one of them), although they are linked to the "jump to top" option, on the mobile option they do not jump, but on the tabloid they do when you tap the arrow twice, am I missing something?

Can we have more than 4 page links on the header bar?

The buttons when centred in a section don't appear centred when together with text either above or below it that does appear centred.

Thanks and will keep playing :)

Just a thought, can people trying and testing the responsive pages, post their websites here so we can take a peek, for inspiration and ideas :) Mine is www.homelypetz.com Im still tinkering and have more pages to add, I love the way it has modernised our website that we have had with Moonfruit for over 8 years now :)

Here's an odd one for you :). The footer panel, which looks fine on my mac running firefox and chrome, jumps to the top of the page when viewed by my client on their windows pc's. The footer section is the green horizontal bar with white logo and small text - it should be at the bottom of the pages but is appearing on top of the header images just below the navigation bar, and knocking out the page titles in the navigation bar as well. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Just to clarify, the footer is actually sitting ON TOP of the navigation bar, hiding the page links.

Hi. sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I just looked at your site using my windows computer and chrome but couldn't replicate this. Could you message our support team who will be able to check this and escalate the issue if necessary? Thanks.

Hi, I am using the Fixed image option on a couple of our pages, it looks great on a laptop (mac) and tablet but in mobile form it does not do the same effect, i.e. the overlapping picture scrolling over the fixed image, it just shows the bottom fixed image as being under the top image and only showing the top and bottom bar of the image (above the image on top making it look a bit daft and like a multi coloured border and not actually scrolling over it. Is this something you are working on, or should it scroll down (as though moving) on the mobile versions too? (I hope that made sense).


Hi, at the moment, only the zoom effects are working on mobile but we intend on supporting fixed backgrounds for mobile soon too. Sorry for any inconvenience until we can release that!

Hello I was able to add this code to button as link : #mailmunch-pop-up-123456 so it trigger a code that I insert in inlineapp and it trigger a pop up. However After latest releases, this is not working anymore and I am having below error. Can you please fix it or provide us an alternative solution please.

Hi, I'll ask our dev team about this. It would be helpful to see the code you are using in the HTML snippet as well, would you be able to provide that?

Hello, Please find the code below, the number at the ned might be different but you'll get the logic.:

<!-- MailMunch for CCR Cappadocia -->

<!-- Paste this code right before the </head> tag on every page of your site. -->

<script src="//a.mailmunch.co/app/v1/site.js" id="mailmunch-script" data-mailmunch-site-id="299847" async="async"></script>

Hi Moonfruit, what is going on? There have been no updates at all for the past few weeks! We were promised the improvements on the navbar a month ago, but that seems to have been forgotten about. Can we at least have an announcement as to why things have slowed down!


We have been consistently releasing updates throughout February, here is a quick summary of some of the things we released:

  • Redesigned editing sidebar.
  • New background image scroll effects - (fixed, zoom in/out).
  • File manager enhancements - upload multiple images at a time, drag files to upload, error feedback for failed uploads.
  • More file manager enhancements - Search icons functionality, filter/sorting options, rename folders.
  • More font options
  • More free stock images
  • Ability to change the colour of individual words/text in a textbox.

    Yesterday we also released animation effects for elements.

Admittedly, some of the bigger pieces of work have faced delays. The main example being the enhanced nav bar. I've been updating the dedicated threads about this (e.g. http://feedback.moonfruit.com/topics/286-adding-logo-to-navigation-bar/). The new page organiser which will be available in the responsive editor is being tested at the moment. We will release that and then the navbar work can follow on from that.

I know a lot of people are eagerly awaiting some of these features and we are really sorry for the wait. We hope you can appreciate that we are working hard to release regularly and we believe we have really improved on being able to deliver this. We also hope you are enjoying the results so far! :)



when adding a new Responsive page, it'd be nice to copy an old 'non' responsive page in to the new format, instead of having to rebuild a whole new page

I just cant see it being practical - With responsive pages you've got to have a different approach to building them ie knowing/ anticipating how it's going to collapse.

Could you please have a look at giving some more hover options for images - I still feel all the current options imply the image can't be clicked (blur, darken, black and white) instead of lightening.

Also it would be great if the colour options worked the same way as the animation options - because it would be brilliant to have a video 'lighten' for example on hover.

Hello Guys,

New interface design looks great.

However there is a questionmark like below when you click it takes you to moonfruit help page.

Please keep in mind that there are reseller who use whitelable of this product. So such a features does not help for resellers. Therefore can you make this question mark unvisible tothe user that is added as admin by reseller ?

New version is great however please keep in mind resellers so they dont have problem with their customers

You are right. Sorry about that. I will look into us getting it made visible to site owners only. Will try and update you by next week.

Hello, Any update on this ?

This work has not been done yet but should be looked at within the next week or two. Thanks for your patience and I will try to speed this up if I can!

We have a developer working on this today :) Once finished and tested, we should be able to release the change. Thanks for your patience with this.


Hi, the fix went out so you should not see the help icons when logged in as a site admin now. Thanks!

We released a new page manager yesterday. We also updated the editor interface slightly. You can see more details about the release here. Please chat to our support team if you have any questions about the new features :)

So my comment a week ago asking for update on nav bar drop down and logo in nav bar is still on moderation; is this a new way to avoid criticism for the delays? Any chance of a realistic release date rather than just next week or very soon.

Hi, sorry about the delay! I'm trying to keep updates to specific threads now, as this initial responsive pages thread is very long and more difficult to keep updated.

We recently released the new page manager and yesterday we were finally able to start on the navbar again. The developer working on it thinks it will take around a week to be ready, again this also depends on the testing process to make sure it is free of bugs! I'll be updating the specific threads during the week. Thanks

I saw new header and body layouts. All looks amazing. I would suggest to add slider option to below drop down button. So we can add slider on header.

We do intend on adding the option to have an image slideshow as a background option :) Should be worked on in the next month.

When adding an image that has a link to another page for example, if you add an animation to the image, neither the link or animation work. It seems that they are in conflict with each other, please can you check this out and fix it. Thanks.

Thanks for raising this. A member of our team is investigating now.

Has this issue been looked at yet? Its been a week sine I raised this problem, and yet again nothing seems to have been done!

It is being looked into. We found a similar issue with buttons which we were able to fix last week but the issue with images is slightly more complex. We will update you when we have been able to fix this too.

Wow are you trying to set a record of how slow you can answer a message on this forum? Two messages still on moderation. Let me put this in nice big capitals so you can read it properly. HAVE YOU FIXED THIS BUG YET, IF NOT WHY AND HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE? 

Hi, sorry for the delay in getting back to you about this. The bug fix is being tested now. I will update you when it is released. It should be possible to release on Monday if the fix is working. Thanks

Hi, the fix for this has just been released. Please let us know if the problem persists (you might need to clear your cache before testing this).

Hello, I noticed some updates in menu bar in responsive. However Some menu items are missing like people, View my site etc. How can we go to people menu or old menu? There were small triangle on the left before. Now I could not see that as well.

Hi, we released a change the other day which removed the dependency between responsive pages and the old flash editor. This is so the new editor is flash-free which means fewer people will encounter flash-related issues when editing. This is why you are no longer seeing the old parts of the toolbar.

If you still have v6 pages on your site, you can access the old editor by loading the v6 pages in your editor. If you no longer have v6 pages on a site, you can still access the old editor if you need to access the people tab for example.

To do this, log into the site editor and change your url to follow this format:


Hope that helps.

We have created a new thread where we encourage you to share your responsive sites with us and other members of the forum. Please show us what you've been working on!

Hi, due to the fact we have a responsive editor section in the forum now, I will be deleting this old thread next week. Please let me know if you would like the thread to stay up longer for any reason. Thanks :)