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There have been some issues with the save/publish work that are currently being addressed. We believe there is a couple more days of testing for this before we can move onto the header/footer work but fingers crossed we are nearly there :)

Hi there,

We are actually in the process of adding a similar functionality to our responsive pages editor. You'd be able to save changes to your page but the changes would not be publicly visible until you choose to publish the page again. Unfortunately, we won't be implementing this for v6 sites, but perhaps you'd be interested in responsive pages if this is something that you would appreciate?

Let me know if you have any more questions.

Hi, can you please confirm an example site where you have seen this occur? And could you also confirm what browser you are using? If you'd prefer, you can chat to our support team about this directly.


Hi, we are planning on doing more videos soon to show how to use our responsive features and to give a better idea of how you can build a responsive site :) 

Hi, with a file upload, the file actually gets added to the file manager of your website where it can be downloaded, however, we have done a fix to add the download link in the email too. The fix needs to be tested before being released. It should be sorted soon :)

We have had more feedback on this and we are in the process of getting the grey banner removed for the form submission email. Thanks for your comments!

Hi, have you tried adding the pixel in a HTML snippet on every page of your site? Please try that and let me know how you get on. We have had other customers report that this works for them.


Thanks for getting back to me and clarifying, Will. I'll get these issues looked into - I was able to replicate the problem you were having with linking to the navbar.

I'll get back to you tomorrow regarding this issue to let you know when we may be able to sort that.