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Hi, it is currently possible to set the speed of the slideshow. In responsive pages, if you select the slideshow element you should see the 'Speed' option in the sidebar on the right-hand side. 

More slide transition types is definitely something we can consider when we further enhance the slideshow/gallery.

Thanks for your feedback.

This has now been actioned. Annual customers should get an email reminder 3 days before their renewal is due.

Thanks for your feedback on button widths. I'll pass that on!

Hi, keyboard shortcuts are definitely something we intend on adding. Sorry that it took a while for you to see how to delete elements! Our support team are always on hand if you are struggling with anything.

Hi, as far as we can tell, the new requirements/rules have not been outlined in detail yet so we will need to wait for this to be announced before we can take the required action. Thanks for raising this though - we will look out for updates.

Work to add a logo within the navbar has resumed and we expect for this to be released by the beginning of October. Development should be completed this week and then it will need to be tested. After that, we will be doing the work to display sub-menu's. I'll update you next week on this!

We are currently migrating our systems infrastructure so that we are able to offer SSL certificates in the future. We currently estimate this migration to be completed in April. It may be that we are able to complete this sooner, however, we'd prefer for you to be aware of the potential time-frame. We do understand the importance of giving your site visitors peace of mind when they browse your site and we are working hard to complete this work as soon as we can. I want to reassure you that there is a lot of work going on in the background to allow us to improve the services we are providing our customers.

I'm raising your concerns again with our team here to see if there is anything else we can do to speed this up. Thank you.

The development is finished and it just needs to be tested now. It should be released very soon and I'll update this thread once that happens. Thanks

We are currently adding the ability to copy a section or element to a clipboard and then add that element to any page. We will update you when this is live!


I spoke to one of our developers who confirmed that this 'Flash of unstyled text' is actually a browser problem that is widely written about online but is difficult to combat. Custom fonts such as Google fonts have to be loaded and applied by the browser.

Different browsers can handle this in different ways, some show a default font until the custom font loads, whereas some others might hide the page content until the font is loaded. The first option which you are experiencing is actually considered better by many, because loading the content faster rather than waiting for the correct font to load is better for your site performance.

As the support team advised, the web safe fonts that appear above the dotted line should not cause the same behaviour. I understand that this is undesirable behaviour, but it seems that we are limited in being able to prevent it unfortunately! We will keep an eye out for anything that could possibly minimise this behaviour in the future.