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Hi, we are addressing the navigation and copy/paste requests but you have a great point regarding the forms. Thanks for taking the time to raise this - I haven't seen this raised before, but I may have missed it! I'll mention it to our team.

Hi all, whilst the publishing work was completed shortly after our last message, we have had to work on other things based on priority. As an example, we resumed work on the navbar and have created a copy/paste function which we believe will be of more benefit to a larger amount of users at this stage. This is almost ready to release. I hope that the copy/paste function will be helpful to some people waiting on the ability to hide a header/footer from the page, as it should allow you to add content to other pages so much faster than you currently can (meaning you can add it outside of the header area).

I am going to raise this again to see where it fits in our roadmap and I will update when I have an answer to that. Thanks.

I'm sorry for you having to wait on this feature. The copy function is still in the queue to be tested at the moment. I am pushing to get it looked at as soon as possible as I know it will be of great use to a lot of users! Thanks.

We know this is a missing feature that a few people have asked for, so we hope to work on this soon. Once we start on that, I will update the status on this thread! Thanks.

Hi, are you referring to gift vouchers? We don't currently have this feature, but if you could clarify on what you are hoping for, I can pass the feedback on to the team. Thanks.

Hi, you should be able to change the colour of your social media icons using the sidebar controls, but thanks for raising the rest of your feedback about icons. You'd basically like to be able to create your own icon bar, mixing icons in the icon library with social media ones?

Hi, you would currently have to upload the registered trademark symbol to your site. We don't host these as icons or images in our stock libraries. Thanks


It is not possible to add a custom scroll bar to your site and it isn't something we currently plan on implementing, but we will continue to monitor feedback on this.


Hi Emma, you can use Ctrl + v to paste text into a textbox from somewhere like notepad. If you are having trouble with this, please chat to our support team!